How do I get the microphones to work with The Beatles: Rock Band?

One of the microphones, wireless or USB, requires a standard Xbox 360, Wii, or PlayStation 3 controller to bind to — you’ll need to have a basic controller AND a microphone plugged in to navigate menus and play. A microphone with a built-in controller is the exception to the aforementioned rule. The additional microphones will not need controllers.

NOTE: If you have no instrument connected and your microphone does not have built-in control buttons, you must also have a controller connected in order to navigate the menus and set up the game.

Make sure to download the latest patch for your Xbox 360. It allows for three wired microphones so you can utilize the vocal harmonies feature in the game. Head to for more information on how to obtain the update.

What microphones are compatible?

SingStar mics (PlayStation 3 exclusive), Lips mics (Xbox 360 exclusive), wired mics, and wireless mics should work. Let us know if you find one that doesn’t!

How do I use the vocal tutorials?

The “Tutorials” are perfect for beginners or for those looking to learn a few advanced techniques.

  1. Select “TRAINING” from the main menu.
  2. In the training menu choose “TUTORIALS.”
  3. From here you can learn how to sing either basic vocals or vocal harmonies.

If you want to hone your skills even further, try out “Practice Mode.” In this mode, you aren’t being scored, so it’s a great way to try out advanced techniques or master a song.

  1. From within the training menu, select “PRACTICE MODE.”
  2. You will then want to select the song you wish to practice.
  3. At this point select either harmonies or solo along with a difficulty level.
  4. Next, select the start and end sections of the song you wish to play.
  5. Once the song loads, using your controller you can isolate the different vocal lines as well as add a guide pitch to help you identify the note you should be singing.
How do vocal harmonies work?

Anyone can sing any part at any time, and only one part has to be sung well in order to fill the Streak Meter. If everyone sings well you can earn “Double Fab” and “Triple Fab” phrase ratings for bonus points. Unfortunately, remote players can’t sing harmonies in an online game.

I can’t hit the high / low notes in song name here.

Essentially what you want to do is octave wrap. Without delving too much into music theory, you get the same note by singing at twice or half the frequency. If you shoot quite a bit higher or lower than the note you need to sing, you’ll see the arrow wrap around to the other side of the staff. Then tweak your voice a bit up or down in the other octave by watching the arrow. It’s tough at first, but you’ll get a feel for it.

Why can’t other people hear me singing online?

It takes a second to transmit voice over the network. That’s enough of a lag to make sound awful if you’re singing. Because of this, we don’t transmit the voice.

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